I'm fucking starving.

My nutritionist told me that I need to replace bad habits with more healthy habits.

When she says "bad habits," I think she's probably talking about that time I sat down at night and accidentally ate an entire box of Cap'n Crunch cereal [PRO TIP - Don't tell your nutritionsist about that time you sat down and ate an entire box of cereal... they get all judgy].  But seriously, I don't know where she gets off calling it a "bad habit" -- I mean it's not like it's ALL THE TIME!  Just 2 or 3 nights a week.  Jeez, lay off.

The initial purpose of this blog is to give me something else to do instead of mindlessly eating at night. 

It all started when I let her read a rant that I authored one night when I had decided that I'm tired of being a disgusting 325 lb mess and that I need to change everything about my relationship with food, or I would die in a big diabetic pile of heart failure. 

I don't want that, so I guess I'll start a blog.